Safer online shopping for people with dementia

Phylax is a browser extension that protects you from making repeated or misguided purchases when shopping online

❤️ Supported by the UK's leading dementia charity, Alzheimer's Society
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Shop online with confidence

You can trust Phylax to catch mistakes, so you can lead the online life you want to


Phylax tracks orders in real time without requiring any access to financial information like bank statements.


By default, Phylax does not block transactions, it advises. When it is likely you are about to purchase something you cannot afford, already own or do not need, Phylax will let you know and allow you to choose how to proceed.


Phylax can be configured to work only on certain sites, or for purchases above a certain value.

Share control

If necessary, control can be shared with a carer via our carer portal. When advice is not enough, a patient or carer can configure Phylax to prevent certain purchases or require approval.

Report and visualise

Phylax will report on patterns in purchase history to allow you to better understand habits and challenges relating to online shopping.

Developed with and for dementia patients

Phylax has been built hand-in-hand with dementia patients and their families every step of the way. You can join us too!


Inspired by and created together with families and individuals affected by dementia

Co-creation from day one

Phylax has been developed according to the following core values.

Privacy and security

Your retain control over your sensitive purchase data. Your data is never used for nefarious purposes or shared with third parties.

Friendliness and accessibility

Living with dementia can be bewildering. Phylax keeps things simple.


Dementia is a journey not a destination. Phylax adapts to your needs as they change.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Phylax Private Beta is currently free to try!

Help us improve the lives of people living with dementia by testing an early version of Phylax and providing feedback to the team

Private Beta
  • Test an early version of Phylax
  • Be first in line for updates
  • Help us improve the lives of those living with dementia


Meet the Team

Phylax is the brainchild of two brothers, inspired by the difficulties of a friend with early onset dementia

Jake Galson

Jake Galson

Product management

    Sam Galson

    Sam Galson

    Software Engineering


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